How to Sell your Home

With the property market in the UK currently booming, a lot of people are deciding that now is the time to sell their house and move – if this is something that you are thinking of doing, then it is best to be prepared before you put your current house on the market. This will not only increase the chance of getting a fast sale for the best price but also reduce the risk of high stress levels during the moving process!

The first thing that you should do is to de-clutter your house – there are two benefits to this. Firstly, you don’t want to take things with you that you no longer need or use, so getting rid of things like this now is best, and it also means that when it comes to having people view your property, you won’t have so much clutter around which will make it more appealing to the viewer.

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You also should do some research of your own and have a look at the sort of prices that houses are selling for in your local area – when it comes to finding an estate agent pick one that is local to you such as this Stonehouse Estate Agents TGRES for example as they will know the market in the area well.

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Before you have the agent come and take photos of your home, you should have the place thoroughly cleaned throughout to make sure that potential buyers see it at its best! Put things like kids toys away neatly and use diffusers to get the place smelling good!

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