Increasing the value of your first home together

The present financial economy is in a very difficult position, with mortgage rates and rental prices increasing alongside higher energy prices, it’s no wonder young couples are finding it increasingly difficult to afford to get themselves either on the property ladder or even onto the rental market. The few that do eventually manage to save a large deposit and secure a mortgage are investing that money into older properties that need renovating and modernising so that they can increase the value of their homes when they do eventually sell.  One of the first major jobs on the list to up-date their new property is to rip out the old, dirty, worn-out carpets and replace them with 12mm Laminate Wood Flooring sourced from a reliable, professional, reputable company.  This type of flooring is not only hard-wearing but practical, it’s easy to clean and there are lots of different styles and colours to choose from.

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Definitely increasing the value of any home this particular type of flooring looks modern and stylish in any period of property.  Eventually, installing a new kitchen and bathroom will add extra value as well as laying new turf on to the front and rear gardens and adding a flower border or two.

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New windows and doors are worth investing in and will also increase the overall value of the sale price.  As long as the flooring looks good and the layout flows, with a new kitchen and bathroom installed the sale price will possibly be double the purchase price.

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