Keeping a lawn healthy

It’s important to keep our lawns healthy because grass and soil does a lot more for us than you might realise. It’s a lot more than just looking nice. There are many benefits of a healthy lawn and here are just a few:

  • Improve air quality by producing oxygen
  • Reduces air temperature as opposed to hard surfaces like tarmac and this is particularly important in urban settings.
  • Store carbon dioxide
  • Adds economic value to an area when there are lawns, fields, playing fields and parks
  • Helping the ecosystem by absorbing rainwater and snow etc to return to the groundwater supplies
  • Giving a space for nature and wildlife to flourish.

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To keep grass healthy it requires nutrition, water, soil and some effort on our part to keep it balanced and healthy. Grass tends to be a sturdy and drought resistant plant but in times of hot weather and not much rain, it will need watering to keep its lushness. A common mistake is overwatering, so it’s a fine balance. Watering will be required at the first sign of stress and this can include footprints remaining in the grass for a prolonged period or a greying of the blades. For advice on Water Irrigation Systems, visit a site like

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If the grass has been left and turned brown, consider watering every couple of weeks until the rain returns. Grass will bounce back and recover so try not to feel too worried about damage to the lawn.

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