Making an entrance: four imposing architectural options

The entrance area of an office building can make a big difference to the impression created by the company. If a visitor is wowed by their initial view, they are more likely to see the company as a professional concern that will offer them what they need; however, if the business is showcased in the wrong light, it could find it harder to generate new business.

Making an entrance

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A grand staircase

If your entrance area leads on to a set of stairs, you should make the most of this architectural structure. Often the design of a staircase is seen as secondary to the practical elements; however, rather than seeing it this way, you can use the stairs to create a grand feature. They can be manufactured using a variety of materials, such as steel, wood and glass, to create the exact look that you require.

Use what is available

Often a building will already have architectural elements that you can draw into the design of your entrance area; for instance, many historic or industrial buildings are now being converted into office facilities. Their traditional features, such as bare brick walls, timber roof beams or imposing steel columns, can be made into a feature of the building. This will give the space a sense of difference and provide a focal point for people coming in.

Fabric structure

Another option to instantly renovate your entrance space is to use tensile fabric structures. These fabric ceilings can be used to cover large interior areas, providing a smooth and sleek finish. They can transform a harsh environment by covering up unsightly areas, such as plumbing services, and soften the space. Tensile structures and other forms of fabric architecture can create a unique solution designed specifically for the intended space. This provides a high-specification finish that will give an impressive look to your entrance.

Lighting effects

The way in which you use lighting in your entrance space does not have to be an afterthought; instead, the choice of lights can be a feature and create the impressive architectural style that you are searching for. Modern lighting is available in so many styles and sizes that you really can go as large and imposing as you desire. One way of generating this look is to have a feature light fitting descending from the centre of the ceiling and hanging down low.

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