Pests and diseases that can affect Oak trees

Oak trees have been a staple across our British landscape for hundreds and hundreds of years and they can grow to incredible heights. Ancient oaks are subject to protection orders and it is important that any issues that occur with these trees are dealt with in a Tree Surgeon Gloucester way as they need to be protected and dealt with in a specific way. Tree surgeon Gloucester Geoffrey Urch can help with all of your tree needs if you are looking for a professional to help you.


Here are some of the diseases and pests that can affect Oak trees.

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Oak Leaf Blister – this is caused by a fungus and it affects most species of oak tree.It causes blister like patches to appear on the leaves and these then turn brown and in severe cases can cause defoliation of the tree. The blisters are caused as a result of the secretions of the fungus on the plant. The infection tends to take place in the Spring months.


Leaf Scorch – scorch that is caused by bacteria is a result of disruption to the water movement within the tree as well as a decline in the over health of the tree it can be a slow decline and in some cases the tree will need to be removed within a 5 to 10 year period if the issue is not treated.

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Powdery Mildew – again this is caused by a fungus and results in a white powder appearing on the leaves. This causes the leaves to drop off the tree early. Although it is unsightly it is not a condition that needs to be treated unless the case is incredibly severe.

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