Three solid wood flooring restoration tips

Real wood flooring is one of the most elegant and enduring choices for home flooring. However, it’s easy for a wood floor to become neglected, with the appearance of scrapes and scratches. Read on for top tips for solid wood restoration.

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Clearing the area

It’s no use simply restoring the wood floor in the middle of the room. This project is a chance for you to get all the furniture out the room and do a really good job from skirting board to skirting board. When you move the furniture you should avoid dragging it, and instead carry it with the aid of a helper to prevent further damage.


The best way to restore a solid wood floor is by giving the whole area a good sand. You’ll need to hire a sander, or floor polisher, and give yourself time to do the job properly. Do it section by section and vacuum as you go to prevent wood dust from getting into cracks in the wood.

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Finishing the job

Once you’ve sanded and vacuumed, it’s time to give the floor a protective varnish. Choosing a top-quality varnish will make a real difference and will ensure a longer time before the floor needs restoring again. New solid wood flooring from stockists such as will come with a pre-lacquered surface.

Doing the job properly is the best way to get results and following these simple tips will help you to restore your wood flooring to its original beauty

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