Three Tips for Making your Home Perfect for a New Puppy

Bringing a new puppy home is a really exciting time for all the family – but that first 24 hours can be a huge adjustment to both the family and the puppy, so here are a few things to remember before you bring your new pup home…

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Give it Some Peace and Quiet – It is only natural to be excited and kids in particular will want to be around the puppy and spend lots of time giving it cuddles. However, it is important to remember that moving out of its home with mum and to a strange place with strange people is a big adjustment for a puppy, so make sure there is a quiet spot the puppy can be in if it wants to where it will be able to relax and not be disturbed.

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Puppy Proof – Making the house puppy proof is important – not only will it prevent things getting ruined but also will protect the health and wellbeing of the pup. Puppies need to be house trained so flooring like this laminate wood flooring from is a good choice, rather than carpets as it can be wiped clean. Also make sure that cables and wires are not accessible and that dangerous things like plants are well away from the puppy.

Feed the Right Food – Make sure you find out what food the puppy was eating before it came to you and continue that for at leas t a couple of weeks. The change in food can upset the tummy easily of a young puppy and add to stress of moving.

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