Tips for making the hall of a house

The hall is the calling card of our house, so it must be kept clean, tidy and bright. Today we give you some tips on how you can take advantage once you have opted for housing reform. It is therefore important to know how to decorate properly, especially if it is very small. With a few tricks we can use every corner, making this aesthetic stay at the same time functional.

Tips for making the hall of a houseKeys to seize the hall of a house

As a basis, it is essential that we use soft colors, both on the walls and the furniture. We can choose colors like beige, green, gray or white classic. Another option is to choose wallpaper with vertical stripes, which should be installed only on one of the walls to avoid creating the opposite effect. And it is that light colors reflect light, visually increase the room.

It is best that the furniture is minimalist style, with straight lines, and include storage space and drawers. In this way it will be easier to maintain order, avoid leaving objects in the middle and taking advantage of the available space. If we can afford it, a cabinet would be perfect for storing coats.

Good lighting is equally fundamental. Ideally, natural light, but in areas like the hall we normally resort to artificial light. It must be powerful enough, what we can achieve, in addition to a ceiling, installing some sconces or floor lamp; with the first option we will achieve save space.

As for the decorative elements, mirrors are a must. They provide light and optically widen the space, provided they are located in the right way; if possible, it is best to reflect natural light from a window. On the other hand, we should not overburden the walls or furniture surface with too many decorative accessories. With a picture, a small vase of flowers and a coat rack would be sufficient to properly furnish our hall.

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