U2 on a rooftop – what a way to stop traffic

The Irish rock band U2 are one of the most influential to ever grace the planet. The childhood friends have been together since primary and secondary school and formed the band in their secondary school years and have been prominent players on the world stage ever since. They have over ten studio albums and several incredible live performances recorded, however only one of these live performances was able to physically stop traffic in downtown Los Angeles. It would have brought tears to the eyes of the Hereford Roofers. The weight of a rock band on a flat roof must have had them feeling worried. The owners of the shop would have needed to contact them via https://rrichardsandson.co.uk/roofing-services-near-me/flat-roofs-roofers/flat-roofs-roofers-hereford/ if it had gone on too long.

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The song they recorded was “Where the Streets Have No Name”.  This is one of their iconic tunes from the album ‘The Joshua Tree’ and represents a turning point for the band’s fortunes and catapulted them to even greater global stars than they already were. The video played well for themselves perfectly in North America. Not only that but because such a furore was caused the roads had to be closed and the band was forced to publicly apologise that the gig was over and the police had to close them down.

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They did manage to get some of it filmed for a video though. In fact, it was such a massive hit it won an award from MTV. They enjoyed it so much they repeated the feat in New York and London later in their career.

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