Who should maintain the drainage on your property?

Did you know that plumbers in Scotland once found that a blocked drain was being caused by a stuck, and pretty angry, badger? That’s an extreme example, but blocked drains are a common issue that many of us will encounter. But if the drain isn’t on your property, does that mean it’s your responsibility? Read our complete guide to find out.

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Are homeowners responsible for looking after drains?

Prior to 2011, many homeowners had to not only pay for fixing drains on their property but also had to shell out for any repairs needed to lateral drains, which carry wastewater to the main sewer system.

In 2011, the Private Sewers Transfer Regulations formally addressed this issue. Under these legal guidelines, a homeowner is only responsible for repairs to drains and covers that are connected to their property and fall within their boundaries. That means that any damaged or blocked pipes or drains outside of your boundaries are not your responsibility.

How do I know if a drain is my responsibility?

If you’re not sure whether a drain is your responsibility, or if it belongs to a neighbour or water authority, then a CCTV drainage survey can help you to find out more. These can pinpoint the exact location of a cracked or leaking pipe, so you can work out whose responsibility it is to fix it.

What do I do if my drain needs fixing?

Once you’ve established that a drain is your responsibility, then organising repairs and maintenance is no problem. Specialists such as www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/drain-repairs/drain-repairs-oldbury/ provide drain lining Oldbury and the local area.

Drain lining doesn’t replace pipes but adds another layer to a pipe’s interior. That means it’s ideal for repairing pipes, sewers, and drains without the expense (and disruption) of digging up your property. Considering that Check a Trade estimate that replacing one meter of pipework costs £535, drain lining costs a lot less too.

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Now that you know who is responsible for looking after your pipes, you can rest easy knowing that they won’t be a drain on you or your wallet!

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