Getting Started With Double Edged Razors

Double Edged Razors

Shaving with double edged or DE safety razors was commonplace for our fathers and grandfathers, and is becoming increasingly popular with today’s young men. Double edge shaving has a number of attractions both practical and aesthetic, which is endearing the art to a new generation over more recent cartridge-style razors.

Double Edged Razors

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The Advantages of Double Edge Shaving

Some people prefer to take a more traditional approach to shaving because they see it as more aesthetic and pleasant than more modern techniques, though a double edge razor can also be used in exactly the same way as a cartridge razor for equal speed and convenience. Others just find that double edge razors give a superior shave. Still others find that premium-quality DE blades are more affordable than the equivalent cartridges, allowing them to get a fine shave for less.

Choosing a Double Edge Razor

Unlike cartridges, double edge blades are universal so preferred blade types are not a consideration when choosing a DE safety razor. It is tempting to think that all razors are alike, as they all look very similar except that some use more premium materials, but this is not the case. Better quality means a longer lifespan, and subtleties of design as well as the difference between open- and closed-comb styles affects the quality of the shave.

Choosing Blades

There are many different brands and types of double edge razor, including familiar shaving names such as Gillette and Wilkinson Sword alongside more specialist names that are lesser-known by non-DE shavers. Some offer super-close shaves, others minimise cutting risk, and others offer smooth skin on a budget. The best approach is talking to other DE shavers and trying out the various brands on offer from outlets like to find out what works best for you.

Traditional or Modern Shaving

It is perfectly possible and practical to use a DE razor with shaving foam or oil as a direct replacement for a cartridge razor. However, some people prefer to take a full-on traditional approach to shaving, finding this more pleasurable and artistic. If this is the case you will need shaving soap and a shaving brush – either real badger hair or synthetic. There are three quality grades of brush, but you may want to start with a cheap one and upgrade if you decide traditional shaving is for you.

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