Seven versatile items every man should have in his wardrobe

Wearing the right clothes is one of the simplest ways to ensure you are comfortable, stylish, and well-prepared for anything the day may throw at you. This doesn’t mean that you need a completely different outfit for every occasion; instead, with the right few pieces, you will be able to adapt easily to a variety of situations.

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Polo shirt

Simple and comfortable, polo shirts from brands such as Lyle & Scott menswear are popular for a reason. They come in different colours and fabrics and can be smart or casual depending on the rest of your outfit. Black is a good choice as a neutral colour.

Button shirt

Slightly smarter and again capable of going with almost any outfit, the white button shirt is essential to your wardrobe. Lyle & Scott menswear offers a range of jackets to wear over the top depending on whether you are going to a formal event or somewhere more relaxed. Just make sure you wear it well.

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Grey suit

When in doubt, a suit is always a good way to make an impression. Styles vary in cut and fabric, but grey is always a good colour because it is neutral and blends in easily. Cotton works well in summer and wool may be better in cooler weather, with blended fabrics suiting both worlds.

Flannel trousers

When the weather is cooler, wool flannel trousers are an excellent option that can be adapted for formal and casual wear. Wool is highly practical because it is warm and durable. Pair your trousers with a sweatshirt for the ideal cosy winter outfit; alternatively, add a blazer to look a little smarter.

Beige chinos

Chinos stay comfortable throughout the year, worn with button shirts, polo shirts or T-shirts depending on the season or level of formality. Beige is another neutral colour to maximise adaptability.

Leather jacket

Intensely stylish and endlessly practical thanks to their durable nature, leather jackets will never go out of fashion. You can wear them over anything and still look good, with black and brown the most popular colours.


With your shirt, trousers and jacket sorted, you need shoes. Loafers are comfortable to wear all day but still smart enough for the office when worn with a more formal outfit. Take care of your loafers and they could still be making your feet look stylish many years from now.

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