The Psychological Problems that Many Men Face When They Lose their Hair

For many men, in fact over half of all men in the UK, losing their hair is just a normal part of the ageing process that they have come to terms with. Known as male pattern baldness, the gene responsible for this is passed down in families and is linked to a testosterone by-product attacking and eventually killing the hair follicles so that the hairs no longer grow.

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For many men this is just part of life, but for some men it can be a very distressing event. Some men develop poor self-image as well as mental health problems such as depression when they lose their hair.

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Although many men have these feelings, they often do not share it with people. In the modern world, there are things that can be done about it, – some men look into hair transplants, or how scalp micropigmentation can help.


There are many reasons why a man can be upset about hair loss. For some men, having to adjust to a new image is difficult – it is a drastic change after all. Some find the lack of control hard to deal with – the feeling that they cannot stop this from happening can make some people feel a little powerless. It is also something that can remind people that they are getting older and for some make s them face their own mortality – something that some people can struggle with.

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