What to Spot in the Woods in the Autumn

As the temperature starts to drop, and summer comes to an end, many people decide to stay inside and snuggle up in the warm. However, being out of doors is not only great for your overall health, but you are missing out on some autumnal spectacles! Nature puts on a beautiful show at this time of the year, so wrap up, get your snuggly Aran Sweaters from Shamrock Gift, and head to the woodlands to see if you can find any of these things….

Forage for Fruits – This time of the year there is an abundance of fruits to be found in the woods. From juicy and sweet blackberries that have been ripened under the summer sun, to the deep purple sloes that you can make into that festive favourite tipple – sloe gin!

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Fungi – These woodland saviours may not look all that pleasant, and some have an almost alien appearance, but they are an important and essential part of the woodland ecosystem! Some are edible but others are deadly poisonous, so unless you are very knowledgeable it is wise not to pick and eat fungi and mushrooms.

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Red Squirrels – Autumn is a busy time of the year for squirrels and if you want the chance to spot the elusive and endangered native Red Squirrel now is a good time. There are many places where the squirrels are known to live in the UK – the Isle of Wight, many parts of Ireland and Scotland have many of them, so maybe plan a weekend away to enjoy the autumn woodlands and do some squirrel spotting!

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