How to create a recovery drive to repair Windows 10

It has always been said that prevention is better than cure , and in computer science this expression makes a lot of sense. Everyone has ever told us that we have backup copies , the more the better, to avoid greater evils. We never know when a computer equipment can fail, and more when there is a risk of losing important jobs.

There are many tools to create backup copies and even clones of the hard disk, but through Windows we can create a restoration image to bring our team back to life in case something went wrong, and we can have the PC more or less as we left it.

The first thing is to go to the Start Menu and type “Create recovery unit”. The specific application to do so will appear, so we click on it.

As we are interested in recovering the PC in the point closest to the last use, we leave marked the option Make a backup copy of the system files in the recovery unit . We click on “Next”. The program will need to perform some previous operations and will ask us to wait.

When the process finishes, it will show us the USB drives connected to the computer , from which we will have to choose one where to create the restoration image (in this example there is only one):

If we click on “Next”, the system will warn us that all the data will be deleted , so we will have to make sure that, if there is any important file or personal information in the unit, we save it before in another part. After confirming that everything is correct

From here, leave everything to Windows. The program will take your time , remember that you have to copy the entire operating system. When finished,

It is important to keep in mind that the USB drive that we use must be at least 16 GB , which is the minimum that Windows needs to create a restoration image.

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