How to turn off automatic updates in Windows 10

As time goes by we find new statistics that indicate the growth of Windows 10 among users, which gradually rises and little by little shows a greater degree of adoption. This has been made possible in large part thanks to the Microsoft update policy during the first year of Windows 10.

However, among all the new features and the update for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8, several controversies were raised on Windows 10. For example, the EFF charged against Microsoft as it did not respect the user’s privacy or freedom of choice. Among other things, we also talked about a process of automatic updates, which would be mandatory for users of Windows 10. In this article we show you how to turn off automatic updates.

How to turn off automatic updates in Windows 10Enable measured usage on WiFi connection

This method only works on computers connected to wireless networks . If your computer is connected to the network using the Ethernet cable you will not be able to use it with guarantees that it works.

When you activate the WiFi connection measured using Windows 10 will allow you to install the updates when you prefer. To activate it you need to access the WiFi settings, click on advanced options and select the connection option.

Prevent the Windows 10 Updates service from starting with the system

Windows 10 updates behave like any process . What you have to do is prevent it from starting with the system, and to do this it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • Press the Windows key + R, type services.msc in the execution bar and press the Enter .
  • In the list of processes locate Windows Update and open it by clicking it.
  • To deactivate the tab General , find the “incio type” field and change it to “Disabled”.
  • Restart the PC and automatic updates will have gone down in history.

If at any point you want to reactivate them, simply follow these steps and change the startup type to “Automatic” .

Disable Automatic Updates with Windows 10 Home Patch

This option only works with application updates. If you want to continue receiving security updates and bug fixes from Microsoft, then you can use this method.

In Cumulative Update 5 of Windows 10 Microsoft has enabled the option to disable automatic application updates . If you do not have this patch go to Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update and make sure you get the latest Windows patches.

After that, open the store application and click the button of your profile in the toolbar. If you go to section Settings you will see a section called “Application Updates” with the option “Automatically update applications.” Deselect it to deactivate them.

Disable updates through local group policies

The option to disable Windows 10 automatic updates is hidden by default . However, by changing a few local group policy settings you can again have on your PC the ability to prevent Microsoft from downloading updates on your machine.

It should be clarified before further that this option is only valid for users of Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise. To disable automatic updates through local group policies, follow these steps:

  • In the Windows 10 Search Bar, type “Local Group Policy Editor” and open it.
  • Find the “Administrative Templates” folder under “Computer Configuration” and click it to expand.
  • Now double-click on “All Values” and, in the list that will open, look for “Configure Automatic Updates”.
  • Double-click the option and choose the “Enabled” option from the three available in the upper left corner.

From here, in the bottom left of the window, you will see a series of options that you can modify according to your needs. Apply the changes and restart Windows.

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