Microsoft wants to make more money with Windows 10, even more advertising on the way?

“It ‘s not advertising, notifications only advice”, this is the official version of Microsoft whenever asked all ads coming out sporadically in Windows 10 (remember that we tell you how to disable them ). And it seems that now they want to make more money with your operating system, so many fear that the number of “tips” increase over time.

And Joe Belfiore is back. It is one of the strong men of Microsoft, and after finishing a month holiday a year has become the head of the Windows Shell graphical interface focused on the consumer as has been told Thurrott. It will be under the command of Terry Myerson, and it seems that his goal would be to make more money with Windows 10.

Microsoft wants to make more money with Windows 10, even more advertising on the wayThose in Redmond are shedding their classic licensing model. During the first year of life your operating system was offered free to users of the two previous versions, and still can be obtained at no cost when we decided to join the community of beta testers Microsoft Insider.

Joe Belfiore is back

Joe Belfiore is primarily known for being the man behind Windows Phone, and has been on sabbatical traveling around the world. Now it seems that he has returned to Microsoft with a new position, and although he will have several responsibilities, his main objective seems to be to explore new ways to make money with the operating system.

Obviously we conclude that several different ways be explored to achieve this, but seeing the aggressive policy of “notifications advice” of Microsoft not hard to imagine that it would be easiest to take a step including sponsored ads. In any case, so far from Redmond declined to make any official comments.

Obviously, this information has been gathered by Thurrott saying it “has learned” the new position of Belfiore, but without specifying who their sources are. Therefore, the possibility still exists that the information is not quite correct. Also, knowing how bad people feel about advertising, hopefully look for other ways first.

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