Get trained in physical activity, sport and physiotherapy

Are you passionate about health and sport? If you want to acquire quality training in this field, the University puts in your hands and professional studies you needed.

Science of Physical Activity and Sport and Physical Therapy is the name that is known to double university degree that will allow you to join the leading authority in the field of research, set to a high prestige and reputation both nationally and international. If we stick to the ranking set, this grade is the third best, this entire not to mention who heads the research and innovation ranking sports for the fourth consecutive year.

Get trained in physical activity, sport and physiotherapyQuality training in physical activity, sport and physiotherapy

The Universities has campus adjusted to the latest technologies and equipment, as well as being recognized by the expertise of its faculty. If you choose to train you in this place, in addition to acquiring the knowledge necessary to develop relevant skills in the field of health and sport, have the opportunity to do internships in companies and most prestigious institutions worldwide.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary model, this is formed university students in order that they can acquire the skills to prove themselves in the workplace skills. This innovative learning model, coupled with its internationality, incorporating the latest technology in the classroom and commitment to practicing teachers with a long career are some of the reasons why you have to choose the UEM to study this double degree.

For proper development of this course put at your disposal sports facilities with indoor and outdoor, paddle and tennis courts, sports hall with basketball, tennis beach volleyball, athletics tracks, tatami room, of spinning, climbing wall or physiotherapy rooms.

On the other hand, to undertake the research work he has specialized in exercise physiology laboratories, training, bio-mechanics and competition analysis, which is essential for quality training. In this grade class taught a total of 70 teachers, of which 50% are doctors.

When education has no boundaries, success is assured. The latter is the slogan promoted by the Universities, we can see depicted in the video attached to this article campaign. This center professionals strive every day to train young passionate about health and fitness gear, ready at all times to successfully transform professions.

Studying the college dual degree in Science of Physical Activity and Sport and Physical Therapy will be able to work tomorrow as physical education teacher, personal trainer, manager sports companies, trainer and coach, trainer of clubs or sporting responsible in municipalities.

What do you think the double degree in Physical Sciences and Sport and Physical Therapy?

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