Three Gloucestershire Property Hot Spots in 2016

Gloucestershire has always been a popular choice for home buyers because of its attractive towns, good transport network and great value properties. Some of the UK’s prettiest towns are in Gloucestershire, and it is quickly becoming the hot place to rent or buy. Read on to learn about the three property hotspots in this county for 2016.

Three Gloucestershire Property Hot Spots in 2016

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Cheltenham is always going to be a top choice for home buyers and renters alike. One of the best places to buy right now is Tivoli, a highly popular area of Cheltenham, which is just a 15-minute stroll from the town centre. Tivoli has many period properties and is situated near Bath Road, which boasts many quaint pubs and high-quality shops. House prices are an average of £338,000, so this is an expensive area and one that is set to draw more attention in 2016.


Cirencester is the capital of the Cotswolds, so it’s no wonder this town is so popular with house hunters. The town is a haven of old buildings and monuments, and the villages around the town have a friendly, country vibe. The market town was mentioned in the Doomsday Book, and wonderful arts and crafts are still widely sold. The average property price was £268,000 this year, making it cheaper than Cheltenham town centre but not as good of a value as the last in our list, Tewkesbury.


Tewkesbury offers a wide variety of homes for all types of buyers with many Tudor buildings and more modern homes. Homes here cost an average of £181,000, so this is a much cheaper option than Cheltenham. With the famous Abbey being another great place of interest, Tewkesbury is certainly a hotspot for 2016.

Once you have found your dream home, there are a number of ways you can improve its security, including fitting high-quality outdoor gates. There are various options for choosing automatic gates in Gloucestershire, such as and other similar providers. Due to the relatively high property prices in this region, securing your property should be a top priority, and automatic gates offer peace of mind in addition to a high level of security.

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