13 music banks that can be used for free to edit your videos

Platforms such as YouTube or Facebook detect if the music that your videos carry has rights , so you should think about it very well when choosing the songs you want to add.

To avoid problems and remove your content from this type of platform, today we are going to recommend 13 pages where you can find thousands of songs that can be used freely.

All these platforms meet the following requirements :

  • You can download the songs for free
  • There are no licenses to buy
  • The vast majority can be used for commercial purposes


One of the strengths of ccMixter is that you will not have to make a user account to download the songs . In the upper right there is a search engine in which we can enter a specific term.

If we prefer it, with the search of labels we can find songs separated by genres(alternative, country, electronic), instruments (bass, percussion, flute) or styles (ballads, classical, funky).

Moby Free

If you want to use songs from a world-renowned artist and not pay a penny , Moby Free is what you need.

In this page you will be able to find hundreds of songs of the famous American artist as long as your project is non-profit and you credit Moby himself.


On the cover of Museop we are already clear that we are before a collection of books, recordings, scores completely free of rights. There is, above all, a lot of classical music.

We have the opportunity to search by instrument, style, interpreter or even century . We do not need to create a user to download all the available content.


Nor will we need a user to download songs in the free version (we will only have access to the MP3s, not the WAVs) of FreePD .

In the upper part we will find a mosaic with which we will access very specific categories: romantic and sentimental, horror, comedy, epic, etc.

Free Music Archive

The songs that appear in the Free Music Archive have been selected by the WFMU radio station . They are free of rights and thanks to a series of lists we can find the most popular songs of the last month or week.

Other points in favor is that it is not necessary to create a user to download the songs and there is a genre search engine with which we can find music of all styles.

YouTube Audio Library

As the name suggests, YouTube Audio Library is a library where we will find songs and sound effects that we can easily include in our videos. Hundreds of tracks that can be filtered by genre, duration, etc.


NoiseTrade is a platform that seeks to promote independent artists . By providing your email address you will receive emails with songs that you can use freely in your projects.

Partners in Rhyme

If you are looking for a song or sound effects to use in your “podcast, web or video” , Partners in Rhyme offers thousands of clues that we can add to our project.

In the left bar come the different categories and even have a section where they recommend free audio editing applications for Windows and for Mac .


The design of Incompetech may not be the most impressive in the world, but on this website we will find thousands of songs and sound effects created by Kevin MacLeod .

We can navigate through this library through genre, tempo, duration or dive through the dozens of existing collections .

Free Stock Music

The name of this website also makes it quite clear. In Free Stock Music we have access to hundreds of free audio tracks in MP3, WAV and AIFF . It is not necessary to attribute the rights but to download the songs you have to create a free account.

Josh Woodward

Josh Woodward is a composer who creates music of very different styles . In its web we can find 10 albums and more than 200 songs (instrumental and with voices).

To download them we will only have to provide an email in which to receive updates and in which they affirm that we will not receive spam.


Beatpick offers a large selection of licensed music that can be used in non-profit projects.

Once you have found an interesting song or sound effect, you will simply have to click on “License Song” and choose “Non Commercial projects”.


Finally, Dan-O is another composer who offers his creations free of charge so that they can be used in any project in which he appears accredited.

In DanoSongs you can find dozens of songs, of very different styles and that can be downloaded with just one click.

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