7 tools to detect if you have false followers on Instagram and Twitter

Social networks have become over the years a large market of influencers. Beyond public figures, celebrities and brands, there are many who take advantage of the scope of their accounts to offer exposure in exchange for something.

It’s no surprise that in networks like Instagram and Twitter abound many account with false followers, lying users created just to inflate the numbers of others artificially, or to fill the web with spam. There are several things you can take into account to know if a follower is false , but these tools automatically detect them.


SocialRank offers a series of powerful tools to analyze your audience in detail, both on Twitter and Instagram , and you can use it for free with all your accounts and take advantage of basic functions such as analyzing your followers.

The followers section, although it does not tell you which or how many are false, allows you to filter according to the activity with which they publish, the list of followers / followers they have, and if they use the avatar by default.

All these factors together can easily tell you if it is a legitimate account or notand SocialRank lets you apply multiple filters at once to further reduce the sample.

It is the most complete tool of the mentioned , it is the only one that works with both Twitter and Instagram and lets you use it for free. It was also the same one that was used to determine that almost 14 million of the followers of Donald Trump are false .


Twitteraudit is an online service that audits your Twitter followers and tells you how many are real and how many are false . It also gives you an account quality score based on those results.

This service lets you do a first free audit that takes a sample of up to 5000 of your followers , but for a larger sample and for more audits with detailed reports and the ability to block all fake followers automatically, you must pay a pro account. .

Fake Follower Check

This tool is simpler and only tells you an estimated percentage of false, inactive and good followers . It also shows you some additional data, such as the language that predominates among your followers, how much percentage has not tweeted in 100 days and what percentage follows less than 250 accounts.

They only offer you five free searches to review other profiles, or yours repeatedly. They also show the percentages of several popular accounts, but some time ago they do not update the service with news and their last publication talking about where they worked is from 2016.

Other options

ManageFlitter is another tool of analytics of Twitter, they have a section dedicated especially to the revision of false followers, but to use it it is necessary to pay for a subscription.

SocialAuditPro is an analysis tool for Instagram profiles that identifies which followers are false, but you must pay from 5 dollars to analyze the last 5000 followers, and the prices increase from then on.

FakeCheck is another tool for Instagram that offers you reports on your followers in packages from $ 0.35 each, or $ 3.50 for 10.

Twitonomy also offers a detailed fan report as part of its premium program.

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