Affinity, the powerful photo editor for Mac, available for free in Windows

Affinity is an image editor for Mac that has sometimes been qualified as the alternative to Photoshop, thanks to the support for RAW photo editing, ICC color management, and even the ability to export and import Photoshop PSD files and use plug -ins of Photoshop.

Affinity, the powerful photo editor for Mac, available for free in WindowsNow Affinity developers are making the leap to Windows, with the launch of a first public beta that anyone who has an interest to try can download and try for free, filling a simple form on your website.

The Windows version of Affinity is a point-by-point clone of Mac, so you can find exactly the same functions and tools as in the original: selection utilities, brushes, tools to correct errors in photos, functions To alter the perspective of an image …

To this must be added a wide range of filters and special effects, as well as support for processing RAW images, point-to-point color management and the possibility of editing an image in a non-destructive way, i.e. always keeping a copy of the Original safe version.

Affinity for Windows will also benefit from the upcoming update patch intended for the image editor, which includes new features such as advanced HDR photo editing, batch image processing and special 360-degree photo functions.

This beta version of Affinity is free, and as we said at the beginning, you can download it through a simple form on the developer’s website. After filling it you will receive in your email a link to download the program.

At the end of this beta phase, the application is expected to have the same price as its equivalent for Mac: $ 50, about 46 euros. So perhaps it is not a bad idea to take the opportunity to try it free before deciding whether or not you want to purchase your license.

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