Are you really going to read everything you accumulate in Pocket? This tool archives what has more than 30 days

Many of us recognize ourselves in the portrait that a few years ago, black and white, our companion Mohorte in Magnet. An eloquent photograph of the perfect digital diogenes of Internet content.

The process has become routine. I open my eyes, stretch my arm, search the mobile phone table, grab it, look at the time, unlock and open Twitter. Step over the less interesting users and I stop there where I see a link. […] Pulse in the tweet. Options, share. “Add to Pocket”. I repeat the process a handful of times.;lkjh

Do you also accumulate tens, hundreds and even thousands of old links with content that you will hardly be able to read or see? Do not you know how to get rid of such a huge pile of pages that you will never open? There is an easy solution.

Holes in your Pocket files anything you saved more than 30 days ago

Holes in your Pocket, a game of words that comes to say something like “holes in your pocket”, is a very useful tool created by an external developer but recommended by the Pocket team when it comes to getting rid of a good stack of links outdated by consuming and archiving.

Are you a digital accumulator? Well, are you? Yes you are. How does it feel to live in a lie constantly? “Oh, I’ll read it later. Honestly.”

You will not do. And with each added element your guilt grows. Let us help you

Holes in your Pocket points out that we need help with about 3,000 items of more than 30 days.

Simply click on the first button that appears on the web, which will allow us to authorize the application in our Pocket account, so that all the links saved with more than 30 days appear on the screen . It is likely that you will get a surprise with the amount of pages that you had stored knowing that you would hardly reopen.

Now comes the best part. Because if you had ever tried to archive the oldest links one by one, with the tedious results, you will understand that the next step is practically magic. Click on “Archivize now!” and the tool will be put to work hard in cleaning our digital warehouse.

In a few seconds you will have gotten rid of everything old that we had in Pocket and will show us only the content saved over the last month. Surely, a number of articles, videos and pages much easier to consume than we had before running the utility.

Finally, remember: your links have been archived, not deleted, so any content will continue on your Pocket, in the “File” section.

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