ASUS Blue Cave: You would never say this is a router

ASUS has dedicated much of its share in Computex 2017 to presenting laptops such as the Zenbook Flip S, but there has also been room for other types of solutions like the unique ASUS Blue Cave router.

In fact, the new router from the manufacturer does not even look like a router unless you rotate it and see the RJ-45 connectors for the network sockets. If you look at it from the front, that design tricks, but for ASUS this design without antennas (“antenna-less”) manages to surprise not only in its visual aspect. According to the manufacturer, there is no router that allows more devices connected simultaneously.

A design that goes beyond visual impact

In fact, it is not that the router lacks antennas, but ASUS has coupled them in the “ceiling” of this singular format. The motherboard with Intel technology is located on the inside, and that curious hole in the middle makes both parts separate and favors a good quality of reception and emission of wireless signals.

We are faced with a dual band AC2600 device that according to ASUS can transmit 4K video files without delay, but also we have direct support of IFTTT and Alexa (probably not in Spain), which allows to expand the options of a router that can profit from the always useful “recipes” of the automation service combined with the Amazon assistant.

At ASUS they also want to offer an additional layer of security to those features, and include the so-called AirProtection, a security platform from TrendMicro to try to avoid as far as possible (total security does not exist) any cyberattack to our network infrastructure.

The possibility of managing the router’s options through a mobile application and receiving notifications (for example, when a new device connects to the network) is another interesting element of a router that, yes, it will not be cheap: will cost $ 180 when it hits the market on a date yet to be determined.

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