Cortana can now turn off your PC, restart or lock it in the latest Windows Insider beta 10

Microsoft last night released the latest beta of Windows 10 for users who are still betting on their Windows Insider program. In it, users who want to install on their computers beta versions of Windows 10, a way to have the operating system for free in exchange for testing the unstable versions all the news that are to come.

The Insider Preview published last night was the 14986 for PC and is one of the most new features of recent weeks. Among other things it gives greater control of your computer to the assistant Cortana, improves the experience for gamers, and brings to a new level the possibilities of Windows Ink, which was one of the star features of the Anniversary Update.

Cortana, the main protagonist of the build

The absolute protagonist of the update is the assistant Cortana, in which new voice controls are implemented to perform basic functions at the system level. Now Cortana can shut down, reboot and lock your PC, put it to sleep or adjust the volume control just by asking and without having to touch anything.

Although only in the English version of the US, new voice commands have also been implemented to control the musical reproduction of iHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio. For example, you can tell Cortana “Play Drake on iHeartRadio” or “Play jazz music on TuneIn” and start the application that you have asked to automatically play music of the genre or artist you say, or to tune to the radio frequency you want.

While playing any song in one of these applications, Cortana will remain operational and listening so you can control playback or volume with more voice controls. Also, you can ask at any time what song you are listening to so I tell you.

Microsoft has also created a new full-screen interface for when you ask Cortana questions by having the computer unlocked, which is the one we see in the above screenshot. This will allow us to visually display graphs such as that of meteorological information. In addition, Microsoft has made Cortana also be able to identify itself with Azure Active Directory (AAD).

Windows Ink, games and business cloud

Beyond Cortana, the latest build of the Windows 10 Preview for PC also adds a new UI to discover printers and scanners in Enterprise Cloud Printers. This is a new search interface that will allow corporate users to discover the corporate printers available through the Azure Active Directory.

Windows Ink is also preparing for Creators Update, and it has been implemented the function of resuming previous jobs if you accidentally close it, better previews of the chosen ink or the chosen pen tip, and a much finer control over the rotation Of the virtual rule.

The Windows game bar has also been upgraded with full screen support, and has made it compatible for 19 new games. New extensions have also been added for Microsoft Edge, a new interface for Windows Defender, and improvements in both the registry editor and the OS rendering engine.

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