Different types of Bending machines and mandrels

There are many bending machines on the market each with their own different specifications or there are general machines that can have fitted mandrels for each particular job. What are the different types of bending machines and where can you get them from? The answer to that last question is simple as you only need to go to Cotswold Machinery Sales for Bending machines. They have a huge range of Bending Machines that means you will surely be able to find the one that you require for whatever job you are looking to do.

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  1. Standard bends. The standard bend requires the standard mandrel. For those jobs that just need a 90 degree bend or similar simple rotation.
  2. U-Bend. Metal is not keen to be bent into such a shape but it can be persuaded with the use of a U-Bend Mandrel. A specialist piece.
  3. Offset bending this is where two parts are needed to be bent but that significant gap will need to be incorporated later.

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  1. Torsion Bending. This is one of the more complicated bending practices for the appropriate mandrel. This turns the metal length ways to complete the required bends.
  2. Angular measurement. This allows for lots of small bends to be completed in a batch. Perfect for a product that needs to be mass produced.
  3. Universal. There are the options of a universal bending machine that covers all of the most basic functions but can be adapted to the more complicated tasks. Experts will be able to advise you as to the right machine to purchase.

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