How to convert Telegram in your app to manage tasks, take notes and store files in the cloud

That there is currently an app for almost anything is both a curse and a blessing. There comes a time when we find that we have an absurd amount of things installed to perform the most insignificant tasks, and it is also likely that we have several applications that do the same things. Maybe it’s time to simplify.

If you are a user of the Telegram instant messaging client, you may not be taking full advantage of all the benefits that the app offers beyond the conversations, and if you are not, perhaps after reading this you will use it.

In a relatively short period of time, Telegram has added a series of functions and features to its platform with which we could very well replace some extra apps on our computer, tablet and mobile. Here is the great advantage of having a service that you can install in almost any device you have.

Take notes

Our colleagues in Mobile had this idea before. In WhatsApp for example, the trick is limited to create a group with someone you trust and then eliminate those people to take our notes in the app. But until then, the truth is quite limited in possibilities, and it will not work on the tablet, or on the computer if the phone is not on and linked.

In Telegram the thing is much more interesting. The app lets you “talk to yourself”. You just have to click on the menu and then on your profile to open a chat with you where you can write what you want.

The other advantage here is that you can not only take notes, you can share links with preview, images, GIFs, compressed files, documents, and even executable applications . And you will have everything at hand in all the places where you have installed Telegram.

Also, if you want to take very long, multi-paragraph notes that are formatted, you can take advantage of Telegram’s mini bloggig platform: , along with the instantaneous view of posts that the messenger integrates.

In you can basically write a complete article without having to register or anything, the link is not even indexed by any web unless you share it directly, and you can read everything in the Telegram app without having to leave it.

Manage task lists

Now, with the passage of time that technique of taking notes in your chat with youcan become disastrous, especially if you do not choose to erase what you do not need. Although Telegram has search functions to find text in specific chats, it can be very crowded.

The solution here is to create channels. Unlike WhatsApp, in Telegram you do not have to choose to create a group if you want another chat in which to take notes.

You can create a private channel to which you are only subscribed. The channel link can not be used by anyone if you do not share it, which makes it a private space for you and whatever you want to write or save.

You could create a channel for work things, one for things from home, one for nonsense, one for interesting links, one for saving images or uploading files, etc. There is no limit to the number of channels you can create.

Something fun to create a Telegram channel to manage your tasks, is that even if you do not count with reminders or priority labels, you have a count of times you’ve seen a message. As time passes and you add more notes, the counter of sightings of each thing will go up, perhaps the more the greater the feeling of urgency grows.

These channels or the notes chat with yourself also allow you to use Telegram as your personal voice memo recorder. You do not have to be writing always. Most note apps do not have this feature, something that Google Keep users appreciate a lot.

In Telegram you can also take video notes, because basically you can use all the content formats that the chat supports and store them in your private spaces.

You can use your channels or personal chat to send images or content from one device to another. As I show in the image above, I used the same channel just created to send me the captures of the mobile to the computer.

It saves you sending an email to yourself, or upload images to the cloud of Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive or whatever you use because you also have the option to send uncompressed photos and lose quality.

The limit of how you can use this the truth is that your imagination puts it. In my case I have stopped using almost all of my task list apps, for centuries I have not sent an email to my own inbox, I almost never use Pushbullet to send me things from my mobile or tablet to my computer, or vice versa, and since I have Telegram installed everywhere, I have access to everything, all the time.

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