How to host a podcast

Do you love to listen to a podcast while traveling, going for a run, in the bath, or just doing the chores at home and think you could use this channel as a way to promote something you’re passionate about? Or are you a complete newbie to podcasts and want to brush up on your skills to really use this to your advantage? Let us help you to become the perfect podcast host!

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What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio file on the Internet which users download to their computer or mobile device to listen to. Podcasts are typically made available as a series and offer a subscription service so you can be informed each time a new podcast upload is available.

What are podcasts used for?

Because of their regular nature, podcasts are a great source of information, allowing the host to speak to their followers in the present time and on issues or points that are relevant at that moment. That said, many podcasts are downloaded weeks, sometimes months, later so that doesn’t mean to say that your podcast is obsolete if not listened to on the day it’s released.

Archives can be used to flag highlights in a career or company’s growth, or focus on a specific topic or industry which can be searched for like a library book.

How to make a podcast

Making a podcast is fairly easy, which means almost anyone can become a podcast host. It’s wise to have a website connected to your podcast so that people know where to go to find your products or ways to sign up to other services. If you’re looking for web hosting then you can find a domain name at

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How to get followers

To boost your downloads, posting your podcast on top sites such as TuneIn or Spotify might give you more exposure.

It may sound counterintuitive but, to understand how to attract an audience, you would do well by listening to other successful podcasts and even asking to appear as a guest. Not only can you get a taste for what it’s like to be a host on a popular podcast, but you can also use the opportunity to promote your own podcast and build up relationships with other influencers in your market so that you can help each other out.

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