How to view Netflix in 4K from Windows 10

4K streaming Netflix has come to Windows 10, and exclusively by Microsoft. The problem is that it is a truly exclusive, super exclusive release, since the requirements that the user must meet in order to enjoy the content in Ultra HD are a few, and many go through to go directly to the electronics store to buy a new equipment.

While other platforms were already compatible with 4K content, such as video game consoles like Xbox One or PS4 in their latest versions, the Netflix player on the web did not yet have those capabilities. The streaming service has taken its first step forward to make this a reality, but to enjoy as a user must be part of a fairly small niche, at least for now.

How to view Netflix in 4K from Windows 10Basic requirements for viewing Netflix in 4K

Microsoft and Netflix seem very interested in you see the new season of Gilmore Girls 4K from Windows 10. In a post on the blog of Windows have spent more time talking about the series of how disappointing result for many users know that Are not even close to the requirements. You need:

  • Windows 10 (obviously)
  • Opening Netflix from Microsoft Edge does not work on Chrome or Firefox or any other browser.
  • You need a 4K monitor, that is, 3840×2160 pixels resolution (another part that should be obvious)
  • A seventh-generation Intel Core processor (Kaby Lake)
  • A Netflix plan that gives you access to Ultra HD streaming, that is, the most expensive plan that includes 4 screens.
  • An Internet connection of at least 25 Mbps

If you do not know how to verify these requirements , the type of processor you have, the resolution of your screen, or the connection speed with which accounts, we give you a hand:

  • To verify the type of processor you have, press the start button, type “Control Panel” and press Enter. Select the option “System and security” and under the section of System click on “View the amount of RAM and the speed of the processor”.
  • To check the resolution of your monitor press the Windows key + R and click on the “System”. Choose “Display” from the menu on the left and look for the “Advanced Display Settings” option. Check the maximum or recommended resolution offered by the drop-down menu and there you will know the capacity of your monitor.
  • To accurately measure your Internet speed you can use the tool created by the same Netflix, which measured using their own servers. Best impossible You need 25 or more to view Netflix in 4K.
  • To verify Netflix plan to which you subscribe you must only go to, enter your login data and ready. From there you can switch to Ultra HD compatible.

If you meet everything then you are among the group of lucky people who have the best hardware available today. Now you only have to open Microsoft Edge, enter Netflix and sit down to see the content in 4K.

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