InboxVudu prioritises emails for you on Apple watch

The system helps priotise emails on Apple watch app

It does this by recognising words that sound important and therefore would belong in an important email. You get alerted when a seemingly high important email comes your way.

This app also summarises long emails by picking out the important phrases of it leaving it up to the user when to read the full email if at all. It will be summarised on the lock screen. The summary of emails is especially ideal as it won’t keep popping up on your notifications unless it is seen as very important. Even if it says it is important you can clear if you don’t see it as important. If you need to plan a call you could press a button which will automatically send the number without typing it.

For example, if an email thread about planning a call comes up, the InboxVudu Watch app will offer a button to send your phone number without having to type it out. Slack will be connected to this.

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