Install Invideo and you can search directly within YouTube videos

If you’ve ever wanted to jump directly to your favorite part of a video, or just do not remember exactly what second is what happens to you, this Chrome extension will save you a lot of time and headaches.

Invideo for Chrome does just that, it adds search within YouTube videos through the subtitles. And, considering that YouTube adds automatic captions to everything, finding something is not difficult.

All you need to do is install the extension and the function will automatically be added when you return to YouTube. To activate the search you just have to click on the new green button that appears just under the controls of the video.

Once you press the “Open Invideo” button, a panel will appear to the right of the video where you can type the keywords you are going to search for.

The search options are displayed in all the available languages ​​for the subtitles of that video . You can change them directly from there or from the video controls.

When you get the phrase or word that interests you, you can click on the search engine to go directly to that moment in the video, or you can write down the exact minute in which it happens, as it is shown in the results as well. Now to dream of something like that but for Netflix.

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