Pandora will finally have streaming on demand to compete with Spotify

Pandora is one of the oldest and best known online music services. Since 2000, it has been in charge of offering personalized radio stations in which users choose the name of a song and from there the platform creates an intelligent playlist.

Although it sounds less attractive than being able to listen to what you want on Spotify, Pandora has survived all these years because of how well it works and how well it predicts what the user will enjoy. But now, finally and after 17 years of existence, Pandora will offer music on demand with a new premium subscription service for $ 9.99 per month.

Finally Pandora users can listen to what they want and when they want if they subscribe to the new plan and not just the usual radio. This has always been the main lack of service, which despite having more than 80 million users listening, barely surpasses the 4 million subscribers to Pandora Plus, its service of $ 5 a month that allows you to skip songs from the radio, listen without ads and repeat songs unlimited.

Pandora promises that with the new premium service all the music that you liked on the radio will go with you to your new playlists. Now when you create your own, you can ask Pandora to use its technology to fill spaces in it and offer music that you like . Although Pandora is only available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, it can be used with VPN.

It was time for Pandora to fully join the competition, but it may be too late. Its main attraction, which are recommendations and intelligent radios, are not something that services such as Apple Music and Spotify lack, which already have millions of subscribers of advantage over online radio, not to mention that they have larger catalogs and are available in many more territories. If Pandora wants to compete, she will need more.

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