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For many years the CC Search tool to search for content under Creative Commons licenses has been very useful for anyone who needs free resources of use, be it music, images or other type of multimedia content.For years it has also looked exactly the same and has not offered many functions, nor renewed the sources from which it obtains the results.

Now the non-profit organization has released a new version of CC Search in beta state, and invites users to start testing it. Although they plan to convert their search engine to one that completely covers all works under CC licenses, they are currently experimenting with a “small sample” of about 10 million jobs and only with images. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

The new URL is, if you want to go to the old search engine, you can access it from They are two separate and different webs, the new one is not a final version of the product, it is a still developing beta that has been released early to incite discussion and get opinions from the community to improve its state.

The first thing you will notice is the total change in design for a more modern and clean one. The other you will notice are the new sources from which the search engine gets content. Not only have they added great photography websites known as Flickr and 500px, they also link to the public cultural works of the New York Public Library, the Rijksmuseum, and the hundreds of thousands of public domain works that released the Metropolitan Museum of New York the past 7 of February.

You will also see a new option to log in with your account. At the moment you can register and create a user of CCID, a universal login for all things Creative Commons. In the future they will add support for logging in with Google, Facebook, Mozilla Persona, GitHub and Twitter.

Creating an account will serve you for another of the new features: save your searches, create favorite lists and tag images. All this is part of the new social functions included in the beta.

Unlike the old search engine, you can see the images directly in CC Search instead of going directly to Flickr or 500 px for example, but to download it if you have to go to the original source, since they do not host anything. In addition to this they have added a function to copy the credit of an image in just a simple click , essential to give attribution where it is necessary.

Without a doubt a great work of part of Creative Commons and a tool that to keep forever and ever in your list of favorites. If you have any comments on this and want to give your feedback on the new search engine, you can do it through this form.

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