The integrated VPN in Opera is now better and faster, you can try it in the developer version

The latest development version of Opera has already been released and it brings some interesting changes and novelties related to the unique features of this browser, as is its integrated VPN.

With Opera 51.0.2791.0, the browser’s VPN service will be hosted in Opera’s own data centers, and it will also be improved to obtain better search results when it is active.

They have also added a simpler way to restore browser settings, and have added a new mechanism to back up and restore preferences.

First major update of Opera VPN

It has been a little more than a year since the integrated VPN was introduced in Opera, and this is the first time that major changes have been made in how it works.

Now that they will stop using a third-party service to host the service and move it to their own server infrastructure, they expect an increase in performance while keeping it free and without saving records.

Another important change in the VPN is that now instead of switching between countries to mask your traffic, you will have to choose between regions.

Another new adjustment to the VPN is the possibility of activating a setting so that the searches you make through the browser give you better results.

That is, when you search on sites like Google, the VPN will go to “local search”so you do not receive a list of things from Ukraine for example, if it is the tunnel through which they are filtering traffic at that moment.

Although the connections will be secure, you must remember that your IP will be seen by the search engine in that case, and then the VPN is activated again when you make the first click on any result. It is an optional function.

Reset Opera in a click

Before, if you wanted to return Opera to its original state, that is, without extensions, or browsing data, and its default settings, you had to delete and reinstall the browser. Now it is much simpler.

Opera has added a button to reset browser settings to the same style as Chrome. You find it in the “Browser” section of the Options.

Leave Opera as newly installed, but keep your favorites, history and passwords.

Clicking on it will revert any custom search engine, fixed tabs will be removed, extensions will be disabled, and all temporary files, such as cookies, will be deleted.

But, the difference between this and having to reinstall, is that your favorites, history and saved passwords will be preserved, while the browser is as good as new.

You can download Opera developer for Windows, Linux and macOS. Just remember that it is an unstable development channel, even more than the beta, where you see first the changes that will be coming soon in the final version.

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