The military origins of your mobile phone.

As you walk along the road and your mobile starts to go off  have you ever considered where this incredible useful piece of technology has come from? The world of communications and entertainment, plus the knowledge to look up any bit of information in the world (or at least several different versions of it) can be yours. How did this come to pass? You can even find out where a vodafone store near me is if you go onto

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The answer lies in all those World War two films you’ve seen and also, strangely, Star Trek. Remember that scene, it could be in any war film, the USA troops are under fire again and the Captain calls out, “Kowlaski! Get the top brass on the phone!”. The soldiers crank up a field phone and the Captain can call for help. This is the beginnings of the first mobile phone. The developers and suppliers of the military version realised that there were commercial aspects of this once the war was over. It still took them a good 25 years to get there but they eventually did.

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The other form of inspiration was that of the Star Trek communicator. As Kirk and Spock requested to be transported back up to the enterprise a small hand held communicator did the job. This was gone by the Next Generation, they just used a simple press button on the lapel. Still, it’s not hard to envisage some kid in the 1960’s being inspired by it and Martin Cooper was.

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