The new Todoist wants to help you complete your tasks using artificial intelligence

Todoist has become one of the favorite applications for personal or organization teams. Increasingly it is evolving beyond a simple list of tasks and seeks to become a great productivity tool. And the next big update that will be released today, does not just help you organize what you have to do, but stop procrastinating and give you a push to finish your earrings.

“Intelligent Programming” is the name of the new features that have been built for Todoist and uses Artificial Intelligence to suggest ideal dates and reschedule tasks in the best way possible according to the activity and use of the tool that makes each user.

According to the CEO of Doist this function came to mind when Todoist team identified a distinct pattern. They started calling Snowballers, for what Snowball, and users were rescheduled date your past tasks for the next day or next week (the two buttons available to reschedule tasks). But they were still accumulating tasks. They thought a feature artificial intelligence redeploy and choose the best dates for these tasks.

The development has consisted of adding possible algorithms and collecting individual and user data collectively to specify the suggested dates as much as possible. For Todoist is only the first step in the use of artificial intelligence for project and task management, we believe that AI can assist (not do all the work) in the organization of a person or a team. The goal is always to spend as little time as possible in the app by organizing, editing, playing, and the maximum in doing the things that you have to do.

How does it work

Smart program takes into account each user’s habits, learn how you usually work and based on this will suggest dates. For example, if you usually respond to your emails on Monday, do household shopping on Tuesday and bathe the dog on Wednesdays, Todoist will take everything into account when calculating free time in your calendar.

Based on past data of all users Todoist, Smart Scheduling can also estimate the urgency of any task , to separate what would be better to do on weekdays vs. weekends. It will also try to balance the load of tasks depending on what you have programmed in the queue and if you see a day freer than others.

Todoist will also estimate when your day comes to an end, estimates when a user stops completing tasks and stops suggesting “today” as the due date for tasks. It also allows to set and monitor daily and weekly targets for the number of tasks completed. The AI ​​will suggest expiration dates to help you reach those goals.

With this new feature Todoist becomes one of the first lists to use Artificial Intelligence. No doubt that other applications of this style will end up joining fashion, especially given the increasingly prominent role they are living things like bots, the machine learning and personal digital assistants.

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