This collaborative blackboard is ideal for working or playing Pictionary

If you are looking for an online blackboard where you can create sketches with other people, Whiteboard is the perfect solution. It is free, easy to use and compatible with both computers and portable devices.

Another positive point is that you do not need to make an account to use it. As soon as you enter you will have at your disposal a large white canvas on which to give free rein to your creativity.

Paint with other people in real time

In the lower part we find the five available tools : brush, text, delete, undo and color selection. As we see, Whiteboard bets for simplicity and speed.

Below left we have the option to name each creation, and next to it there is a button with which we can access the history (other sketches), create a new board and activate the detection of forms.

This is very useful, since we can create rectangles or circles very quickly.

The following keyboard shortcuts must be taken into account :

  • Keep space: keep painting without clicking
  • R + Click / space: draw a rectangle
  • C + Click / space: draw a circle
  • Keep SHIFT: draw a straight line

Anyway, the star functionality is being able to share your blackboard with other people and paint all together in real time . The possibilities are endless, from creating sketches of a logo, to organizing a presentation to playing the Pictinonary.

In fact, there is a plugin for Slack with which to create a new whiteboard with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Everything you have created will be saved until you clear your browser’s cache , something that can be useful in some cases and catastrophes in others. An important point to take into account.

As a request, it would be nice to let you download each of the creations, although you can always opt for a screenshot. Anyway, it is a new tool and will surely add more options in the coming months.

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