Vectr, a free and collaborative vector graphics editor available on Windows, Linux and Mac

The proliferation of simplified tools for editing multimedia content seems to be increasing. Whether you want to edit photos, video, audio, or any type of graphics, you may get some friendly solution with a low learning curve and allow you to do many basic operations without having to suffer much or learn to use too complex programs.

Following this line of thinking we can talk about Vectr a multiplatform and free vector graphics editor that is easy to use and designed for beginners, although it can very well be used by advanced users looking for a simpler tool. It works on Windows, Linux, MacOS and from the web thanks to its extension for Chrome.

Vectr is made for you to learn how to use it quickly, from the beginning offers you video tutorials to get acquainted with the program and its main functions. If you want to skip videos when you start the application for the first time, you can always access all the tutorials available on the official website that teach you from what are the vector graphics, how to create a web user interface, how to create collages or infographics in Few steps.

When you use it for the first time you can do a step-by-step exercise to test the Vectr tools. You will draw a geometric figure, draw lines with the drawing tool, insert text, and you can upload an image from your computer to start working.

Vectr also takes into account the collaboration and therefore allows you to publish your projects directly on social networks or share with any friend or colleague through a unique URL that will allow whoever receives it to edit a copy of that project as if it were his own. In the future they plan to add a collaboration tool similar to that of Google Docs, directly inside the editor.

If you have files in .EPS or .AI format you can import them into Vectr and continue working with them from there. The application plans to remain free for life, but have in mind to offer professional accounts and in the future a possible store of graphics resources. It is an interesting tool that you can try even from the browser without installing anything and that is certainly worth trying.

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