We tested RememBear, the TunnelBear password manager now available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

At the end of 2017, we told you about RememBear, a new multiplatform password manager created by the people of TunnelBear, one of the best-known and best-known VPNs on the web. At that time the application was in the testing phase, but it has already been officially launched.

RememBear is also the first product launched in TunnelBear after the company was acquired by McAfee at the beginning of March 2018. In Genbeta we have been testing the product and we tell you about its operation.

Managing free passwords on a device

You can use RememBear completely free on a single device , either your Windows or Mac computer, or your Android or iOS mobile. The free RememBear does not offer you synchronization or backups.

The premium service is more than accessible if you decide it’s worth paying for it, it costs $ 3 a month and offers synchronization through all the devices you want, secure backup of your data, and customer service. If you install RememBear at this time, you will have free premium access for 30 days to try it out .

An extremely friendly password manager

If something stands out exceptionally TunnelBear is in the user-friendly design of their applications and how easy to use they are. RememBear is not an exception, this password manager is designed so that the novice can use it without complications , in addition to having a fun and beautiful design.

The installation and configuration process always takes you by the hand. Initially the first thing you have to do when running the app is to create your master password . This is the most important step, because that key will be the key to all your credentials.

During the process of creating the master password, RememBear will allow you to create a “backup kit” that includes your email address, the device key and a space for you to write down your master password. That kit can be saved as PDF in any safe place, or printed.

It is important that you always remember your master password, because if you forget it you will lose access to your account forever. RememBear does not store your master password anywhere, they encrypt and decrypt your credentials directly on your device , so there is no way to access your account without that password.

Then you will have the option to import your passwords from another manager, or those that you have stored directly on your computer. If you decide to do this, RememBear will search the system and show you the available options, if you choose to import everything.

At least in macOS is a tedious process because you must authorize access to the credentials one by one , entering your system password each time.

If you do not mind anything, you can always add credentials manually from the main application window. You have the option to add login information to an online account, or you can add credit card information .

All your credentials are listed in alphabetical order, and in the details of each one you can check the level of security of the passwords , something indicated by a line of colors, that the longer it is, the better, and the less close to the color red be, the password is more secure.

Extensions for the browser and safe password generator

Another extremely useful complement of RememBear are its extensions for the browser. There are for Chrome , Firefox , and Safari . Extensions allow you to automatically fill in your credentials when you sign in to websites .

And not only that, it also lets you generate strong passwords when you register on a site, or simply to replace your old passwords. The same can be done from the desktop app if you are going to edit a credential and click on the icon next to the password.

The RememBear password generator offers several options, you can create longer or shorter passwords, decide if you want random characters, or random words , and choose between several types of symbols to separate each word. It is a good security exercise.

If you have never used a password manager because they seem complicated, maybe RememBear is a good alternative for you. If you already use another service with greater maturity, maybe you are not interested, and if you do not like that McAfee is now the owner of TunnelBear, then nobody will blame you.

Either way, it’s a good product, it’s easy to use, it offers all the basics, it has an affordable price, and you can also use it for free for at least one device.

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