10 clothing items every man should own in his wardrobe

The list of clothing items that should comprise the wardrobe and closet of every man is not long, but it is essential. and contains items for both work, leisure and pleasure so you can be sure to have something to wear for that big work meeting as well as a night out with friends at one of the Cheltenham Nightclubs.

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Here is a list of the ten basic items that should constitute the foundation of your wardrobe.

1. A Button Down White Shirt

Like mens Farah shirts, there is little that won’t suit a button down white shirt. For a more casual business look, wear with a suit, or it is perfect paired with slim chinos and belt, and under a jumper for a stylish weekend outfit.

2. A Light Blue Shirt

An essential of your work wardrobe, wear with a navy, beige or grey suit alongside a dark blue or navy tie.

3. White Grandad Collar or Collarless Shirt

A good option if you don’t want to wear a tie. Pair with jeans and a deconstructed blazer, or can even be smartly worn with your suit. These shirts are great for a leisurely afternoon or perhaps an evening out with friends.

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4. Dark Blue or Navy Crew neck Jumper

A cotton mix navy crew neck jumper is one of the most versatile items you can own, and can be suited to almost anything and any item.

5. Slim Dark Blue Chinos

A stylish alternative to denim jeans and a more casual look to a suit, slim navy chinos are ideal for any occasion. Pair with a shirt, t-shirt, blazer or bomber, this wardrobe staple can be worn with anything.

6. Wool-Flannel Trousers

These trousers in a shade of grey can bridge the gap between formal and casual. Pair with a T-shirt and crewneck jumper or blazer, or a white shirt.

7. Petrol Blue Suit

You should own at least two suits, especially if you wear one to work. A dark, petrol blue suit, in a single-breasted style is a great option. It is important to choose a well-fitting and well-made suit.

8. Denim Jacket

An essential for the casual look, this can be worn over a simple t-shirt, sweatshirt or under a thin blazer. Consider pairing with jeans in a different hue, for a stylish statement.

9. Brown Chelsea Boots

Easy to wear and understated, these boots suit both smarter looks and casual jeans, and can be worn all year round.

10. Simple Trainers

Choose a white pair, and the more worn in they look with time, the better!


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