3 Things that will eventually block your drain

A blocked drain is an annoying inconvenience for both homeowners and building managers. Once you find that water in the sinks and showers is draining slowly and forms a pool often, you might be facing a partially clogged drain that will get worse with time. Also, water in the toilet may come upward when flushing and there might be an overflow.

There may be a foul odour coming from the drains since the water is held up and does not circulate continuously. The services of a skilled local plumber come in handy in this situation. But knowing what causes it could help you to avoid this. There are a variety of things that can cause blockages in your drains. Here are some of the common substances you need to be aware of.


When cleaning dishes, oils, fats, and other greasy substances normally find their way down the kitchen sink.  It might appear as if grease swiftly goes down and gets flushed every time you run it down with water. But in fact, all the grease does not go down, instead, it sticks on the walls of the pipes. The oil accumulates over time and as a result, you are going to experience blocked drains. This issue can be avoided by ensuring you do not pour greasy substances straight down the sink. You can rather allow the grease to become solid, and then pick it and toss it away in the trash.

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Plant or garden waste

During autumn, leaves and dead branches fall off the trees and may easily accumulate in the plumbing resulting in blocked drains. So, it is important to ensure that you collect leaves from your property and dispose of them within the garbage. Roots of trees and shrubs are also a source of obstructed drains. Roots are normally interested in moisture and will move towards pipes that carry the wastewater. They will cause cracks in the pipes and drains are obstructed through the roots.

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Foreign waste

You can encounter blocked drains due to foreign items getting into the drainage pipes and accumulating there. Items like soap, plastic wrappers, hair, and jewellery can go down the sinks whilst sanitary items can be washed down the toilet which obstructs the drains.

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