5 ways to upgrade your garage door this weekend

A garage is a great storage solution for homeowners, but that’s not all a garage can offer. A stylish garage door can greatly improve the kerb appeal of any home.

5 ways to upgrade your garage door this weekend

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Over time, you may find your garage frontage looking tired and worn, due to the elements and the constant opening and closing of the door. Installing a brand new garage door may be one solution to sprucing up your storage space, although a little bit of tender loving care can go a long way to improving the overall look of your garage.

Here are 5 ways to upgrade your garage door this weekend.

Add colour

A garage door will usually be the largest and most prominent feature at the front of a home. Adding colour can help draw people’s attention and lead them to the entrance of your home. If your garage is surrounded by stone or brick, then neutral colours will help blend the doors to match your home. Bright colours can make a bold statement, but could also be distracting. Most doors are made from steel, wood or fibreglass and there are a number of paints available to brighten up your garage.

Wood effect

If you’re the owner of a sun damaged aluminium garage door, why not apply a faux wood finish to add some character. This great look is achievable with a simple-to-apply gel stain.

Replace broken runners

Nothing is worse than a squeaky garage door, right? If your door is sounding like nails down a chalkboard, it may be due to old or damaged door rollers. You can replace them yourself or, alternatively, there are a number of repair companies like http://garagedoorsrus.co.uk/, who provide garage door repairs in London.

Carriage House style

If you’re lucky enough to own a large garage, then adding windows to your door to achieve a traditional carriage house style is a great idea. Cutting out squares and fitting windows is an expensive and time-consuming way to achieve the look, so consider painting the windows on to get the same traditional style at a fraction of the price.


Get creative to make your garage door stand out! Potted plants at the sides of the entrance, decorative trim, period handles and interior and exterior lighting all help to make your garage door the talk of the neighbourhood.

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