A guide to having a photo on a headstone

A gravestone will be in memory of a loved one for years to come. The design should not only reflect the personal taste of the deceased but must represent the way in which they live their lives. When the time comes to decide you will be faced with many questions – “Where do I begin?” “What kind of headstone is permitted”? etc. – and making choices during this difficult time can be very stressful.

1. Avoid Cropped Images

Make sure the image you choose is the exact image that you want to see on the headstone. Any part that has been removed from the image cannot be filled or fixed. Try to choose a picture of a loved one that is a normal size and unpixelated. Consider these aspects as you make your choice.

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2. Consider Background

The background of the image you select will also appear on the headstone. Attempts to remove the background can lead to changes that make the image look choppy. Make sure the image you select has an acceptable background that does not need to be changed or removed.

3. Select High-Resolution Images

Each time a copy is made from a photo, image degradation occurs. The best quality pictures will actually come from a smart phone or camera. It is better not to use any photos that have been inside a frame or printed. The best images come from high pixel images taken by a camera or smartphone. Images taken from social media sites are also best avoided as the images can be stretched or distorted.

4. Selecting Design

Only after you have finished deciding on the inscription and image to use should you choose your headstone designs. While the dealer will have a choice of shapes and sizes, all headstones can be personalized according to your needs. For more information on Headstones, visit a site like Abbey Memorials Headstones

5. Image Process

There are different ways to insert an image on a headstone. Currently the masons can etch designs using laser technology; However, some will still provide services that use traditional hand-carving. Images can often be applied by utilising ceramics. This method is advisable if you would be like a full-colour photo.

Headstones pictures can also represent the deceased’s beliefs and personality. If they had faith, for example, then choosing some religious symbolism, like a cross, is a good idea.

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6. Font

Font writing will affect the whole design. Traditionally a good romantic, olde English or italic font is preferred. Before choosing your preferred lettering, talk with your masons and ask them if they have a recommendation. A few fonts will need a deeper cut and might not look as clear when written in certain materials. Italic font is usually reserved for Bible verses, quotes and poetry, while bold text (usually capitalized) is used for names and dates.

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