Attract families to your business

Are you doing enough to attract families to your business? If you run a B&B or small hotel then make sure you stand out as a great venue for families looking to keep their children entertained too. You don’t need to have themed bedrooms or a pool with waterslides, there are plenty of easier ways to make your venue as family friendly as possible.

  1. Make sure you use your website as a shopfront and advertise yourself as a family friendly. Put your amenities centre stage as most people plan their breaks online so making sure your website is doing it’s job is crucial. Make family discounts or packages obvious on your home page, focus on family friendly amenities and mention local attractions nearby that would be of interest to people travelling with children. Having a website that is mobile friendly is also a must these days.
  2. Have a good think about what is important to families and call attention to how you offer it. Making small changes to your current amenities are sometimes all that is required. What on site services do you excel at that might be something incredibly useful to families. Gain lots of knowledge of your local area and make sure your staff know this too so you are well placed to offer advice, information and directions. Maybe bring in a play area or keep a selection of toys, dvds or board games handy in reception.

Attract families to your business

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  1. Make the most of your local connections and team up with some attractions so you can offer coupons or discounts for visiting guests. Forming local family friendly partnerships is another selling point for you to emphasize on your website. Team up with tourist attractions and local restaurants and offer packages for families on a budget.
  2. If you have the budget, it is well worth investing in your outside areas too and think about installing some play equipment. In the nice weather, families love nothing more than relaxing while the children are entertained in a playground. For Children’s wooden climbing frames, visit
  3. Think about kid centred activities that could easily be incorporated such as story time, cooking classes, treasure hunts, movie nights or anything reasonable that you can easily and safely accommodate on site.
  4. Take a look and see what your competitors are offering. It doesn’t matter if you offer the same services but if you market yourself effectively then guests will have no reason to stay anywhere other than your establishment.
  5. Having plenty of equipment to hand will also be a godsend to many parents. Be sure to have cots, high chairs, booster seats and even bibs. Provide an excellent choice of children’s meals, offer to puree food for babies or offer a bottle warming station for ease of use.
  6. Don’t forget the older children either. Small children are quite easy to entertain with a play area and dressing up box but if you have the space, think about creating a den area for teens including a pool table, arcade games, computer games and a wide screen tv.

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