Best Bond ever – Diamonds are forever

How do you get your slightly aging but still got it lead star to come back to a role he thought he’d left? Easy offer the best film in the franchise by far. Oh, and set it in Las Vegas. Bond is the ultimate spy and works very much like Close Protection Service London company , even though he very often breaks the rules. This is the best Bond film ever so let’s go to the start.

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Bond is very unhappy in Diamonds are forever. It starts with him on a mission of his own. At the end of On Her Majesty’s secret service his wife Theresa was killed by Blofled in a drive by shooting. It’s the first time Bond seems to actually have any feelings for a woman so it’s not a surprise that goes on a killing spree and is in no mood for clever answers or silence when he asks henchmen “Where’s Blofeld”. Bond is miffed, so much so that he’s changed back again to Sean Connery who’d had had quite enough of the Bond franchise but was tempted back after George Lazenby got a bit to big for his boots and wanted more money. Bond is trolling around all the top Spectre hideouts kicking fatal ass when he finally finds the big man and does him in. Or so he thinks.

Everyone at International Exports, the code name it seems from MI6 breath a sigh of relief as it means he can know get on with some proper work spying for once. His first job is to discover we all the worlds diamonds are being nicked and for what purposes. The hotelier Willard White is tied up in it somewhere and he is to go off the sunny Las Vegas and investigate. Bond is pretty much over the moon about this as a nice bit of gambling is most welcome after killing a series of Spectre agents. He gets a tip off to investigate a warehouse owned by White only to discover it’s the front for making a fake moon landing film, in what looks a bit prophetic to the many conspiracy people later on.

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He gets capture and ends up in a fuel pipe.  As usual the bad guys don’t just shoot him in the head like would solve the problem pretty quick. He breaks an important bit of the pipeline companies equipment giving us a great scene when he climbs out the pipe in suit and tie. Sneaking into Willard Whites office he finds that he’s not there. He goes to Whites out of town house only to have a fight with Bambi and Thumper. They bear no resemblance to the Disney characters and attempt to beat him up. He wins and is told that the reason why the Diamonds are being nicked is to make a big space Laser to threaten the world. It’s a Blofeld that’s been up to it and Bond gets to kill him, again.

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