Bring Out That Natural Beauty From Within

How many of you have longed to have naturally beautiful skin and a lively appearance, like the ones you see on beauty advertisements on TV, without having to spend a bomb on expensive skin care products? A fresh faced, girl-next-door youthful appearance can be yours, if you employ some of these basic, yet surprisingly simple tips to your daily lifestyle.

Cleanse and tone, cleanse and tone, cleanse and tone

No matter what the situation, occasion or predicament, never leave your home without cleansing and toning your skin. Considered to be the cardinal rule in ensuring healthy, natural and beautiful skin, cleansing and toning the skin with good quality skin products is a must at all times. Regardless of whether you are being chased by a pack of lions down your street, ensure that before you make a hasty exit out of the window, you would have cleansed and toned your skin. In short, there should be no excuse to cleansing and toning your skin. To get that much needed confidence to head out in the world barefaced and natural, cleansing and toning your skin twice a day will give you just that. If you have dry or sensitive skin, choose a good quality cream cleanser for sensitive skin, for normal skin opt for a lotion based cleanser while an oily skin calls for a gel-based cleanser. One of the best natural toners to use for your skin is distilled rosewater or cucumber water. It is easy to make rose water or cucumber water at home, but if you cannot do so, ensure that you buy a good quality organic product.

Wear red when nothing else works

According to a study conducted by psychologists at Rochester, wearing red can make heads turn, literally. If you are looking to ditch your make up and still cause a stir within your circles, ensure that your wardrobe is spruced up with some exclusive red items. In the Rochester study, it was seen that women who wore red commanded more attention and were treated with much more importance than those who wore pastel shades.

Change your mind set

Having the right mind set and setting out with the right attitude can beat any suite of branded skincare products. Happier, cheerful and lively people who are extremely confident and fulfilled, tend to be far more successful in getting people’s attention their way. Regardless of the make-up and physical appearance, if you can manage to accomplish these qualities of being optimistic, your overall beauty will beam through you and you will instantly feel and appear younger. Forget about worrying which shade of lipstick you should be wearing at a presentation or the kind of make-up you need to put on for the day, having a positive attitude and mind set can beat any form of cosmetic surgery or physical make-up, hands down. It is important to note that beauty must not be a priority in one’s life. Feeling beautiful from within, rather than having a negative complex because of the many ways that society and media hinders one’s thoughts about one’s self, should be an integral component of one’s life. Outward beauty should not be given the dominance over more significant aspects in one’s overall outlook. If you enjoy yourself and put others at ease, no matter which situation you are put in, you will always feel like a million bucks.

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