Buying a commercial fridge needs these Considerations

A good-quality commercial refrigerator is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will buy for your business. Every restaurant needs storage space for chilled and fresh food and drinks, and refrigeration is an integral part of the catering business.

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Refrigeration systems range in size from small coolers to huge walk-in refrigerators. Choosing the right kind of refrigeration for a restaurant will help a commercial kitchen to operate smoothly, giving staff and customers alike a good experience.  They will need to make sure they have High Net Worth Insurance Gloucestershire cover from sites like which will make sue they don’t come across any problems if the equipment falls short.

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Once you have decided on the appropriate size for your business, the next step is to choose the style you want. You need to decide whether a solid door or a glass door model is more suited to your needs. Both types of commercial refrigerators have their own set of advantages, so you need to think about the requirements of your business. There are a couple of factors that may be important.


Solid door versions provide more insulation than a glass door refrigerator and will keep chilled food fresh for a reasonable amount of time. Companies have a wide choice of models. A general rule in the restaurant business is that fresh foods should be kept in a solid door refrigerator. Their greater insulation power generally means these models are more efficient in terms of energy than glass door refrigerators, but this efficiency must be balanced against the challenge of locating items inside of them. Employees might spend a long time with the door open searching for the items they need. This has the effect of negating any energy savings.

Glass door refrigerators make it easier to find things, but their insulation is not as good. They tend to be used more commonly for display or merchandising. These refrigerators are useful for storing drinks or other items for sale in the restaurant. The restaurant concept will be the biggest factor in this sort of choice.

Cleaning and hygiene

Cleaning is an important consideration depending on where you intend to position the refrigerator. Glass doors tend to show smudges, and if the equipment is in the customer part of the restaurant, it will need frequent cleaning to keep it looking good. A solid door model will need regular cleaning, but it will not display marks as clearly.

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