Carport vs Garage: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Garages and carports are a great way of protecting your car from weather damage and bird droppings while also affording you some protection from the elements. But if you’re planning to build one, you’ll probably want to think about which is right for you. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and cost isn’t the deciding factor. So before you commit to either, here are some points to consider.

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Garage Pros and Cons

The main reason people invest in a garage is for security. A garage is a lockable structure with a roof and four walls, and in some cases, keeping your car in the garage can lower your insurance premiums. And it’s not just thieves or vandals who will find a garage inaccessible: rodents such as martens, who often cause damage to cars, will also find it harder to access your car.

Likewise, in cold northerly regions a garage can help you get in your car more easily, although you’ll need to open the door before starting the engine. A home connection can also afford you a great deal of privacy. It can also be a secure place to store machinery or DIY tools safely.

However, garages are much more expensive than carports. Depending on the style, whether it’s brick or timber or a part of your house’s structure, a garage can easily run to twenty times the cost of an Oak CarPort carport.

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Carport Pros and Cons

While a carport’s greatest advantage over a garage might be its relatively low cost, that’s not the only advantage. Firstly, a carport can be constructed in a weekend or even a single day, and the amount of space needed for a carport is significantly less than that needed for a garage. A carport can also be constructed without permission, as it won’t block your neighbours’ light or line of sight.

Companies such as can assess your space and neighbourhood and suggest the most appropriate style for your area. A more aesthetically pleasing carport is also ideal for serving other functions too. When your car isn’t using it, a carport is perfect for social events, barbecues, and parties.

Carports are also a better option for accessibility. So if you use a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, a carport makes getting in and out of your vehicle much easier.

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