Choosing the right fascias and soffits for your home

If you are thinking of replacing your old fascia boards or soffits, there is an entire range of boards and materials from which to choose. Spending time choosing the colour and material is worthwhile, as this will affect the whole appearance of your home. Our guide will explain the different materials and help you to choose the right type for your property.

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Choosing fascia boards

Fascias are the horizontal boards that you see around the edge of the rafters. Sometimes the guttering is attached to them, which means it is important for water drainage from the roof to prevent damp or other water damage. Once you have chosen the material, you can choose the right colour to enhance your home’s appearance.

Wood is a popular choice. It looks good, is water resistant, and can create a rustic look for your property; however, maintenance and repair costs can be high. Wood may not be as long-lasting as other materials, depending on how it is painted and primed. An alternative is a composite fascia board made from a mix of wood chips, sawdust and plastic. This is very durable, rot-resistant, and does not decay easily; however, it can be expensive, and repairs can be costly.

Aluminium boards are also very versatile and can be used with wooden boards to protect the wood from weathering. Aluminium is also very durable, but it is prone to scratches or dents and can be expensive to install.

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A better choice, particularly for modern homes, is uPVC fascia boards. These do not rot or decay, so last longer and require little or no maintenance. Unlike wooden boards, they will weather all storms and do not need regular painting. You can have uPVC fascia boards installed by a company such as, or you can buy the products and install your own.

What is the soffit?

The soffit is the smooth surface below the fascia and rafters, also known as the eave. This does not have a practical purpose, but hides unsightly rafters and provides a clean, finished look to the property. The soffit can be anything from a few centimetres up to one metre in length, depending on how far the rafters overhang the building. The soffits can have vents to help ventilation in your home.

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