Choosing the right toilet

There’s no getting around it – toilets are essential. If your old faithful has finally past its use by date, then you’re in the market for a new, shiny model. There are some things to consider before purchasing a toilet and the more you look, the more of a minefield it can seem. Here is a handy guide about what types of toilets are available and how you find the perfect one for your bathroom:

Different Toilet Types

The main types you’ll come across include back-to-wall, wall-hung and close coupled.

Close coupled are the most common and popular toilet design found in UK bathrooms and consist of a cistern which is attached to the toilet pan. They are a taller height than most wall-hung or back-to-wall designs, averaging at about 80cm high.

Back to wall designs have the bowl and cistern attached to the wall at the rear. This makes them more compact and better suited to smaller spaces. These toilets are smaller in height, at around 40cm.

The third most common toilet design is a wall-hung variety. The cistern is hidden behind the toilet unit so only the bowl can be seen. They also need to be purchased with a mounting frame to attach the bowl to the wall, which can also be concealed behind out of view. The benefit of this toilet is it’s easily accessible all the way round for cleaning and can be height adjustable to help those with limited mobility.

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Toilets are also available in a host of different sizes. There are units specially designed for small, cramped spaces or designed to fit into a corner, saving space in a small room. These compact versions are often referred to as ‘cloakroom’ toilets, making them perfect for downstairs toilets or small en-suite bathrooms. For Bathroom Furniture Northern Ireland, visit


Generally speaking, you get what you pay for but that doesn’t mean a toilet should cost you the earth. Investing in a top-quality model will give you the benefits of durability and comfort. The more expensive toilets are most likely to be of the close coupled variety, but there is a spectrum of process in all types of toilet. Remember to factor in the cost of a toilet seat too, if the unit does not come with one.

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Not many people think about the attractiveness of toilets, mainly focusing on their functional aspects and then investing in a stunning bath tub instead. However, just because you can have a free-standing, roll top tub and a rainforest shower, doesn’t mean your toilet has to be dull. There are many stylish, contemporary and sleek toilet designs that will blend seamlessly into your dream bathroom décor.

There are either traditional or contemporary models available with traditional toilets likely to sport a curvier shape with a more rounded bowl. More modern styles tend to have more edges and often a more rectangular shaped bowl. Toilets can also come in many different colours and tones to fit into a wide variety of styles and décor choices.

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